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Technical Features:-
- Class KA Junior, KA Senior, Clubman, National
- Engine type OTTO / 2-stroke single cylinder
- Bore Ø48.20mm - Ø48.53mm max.
- Stroke 54.00mm
- Displacement 98.53cc - 100.00cc max.
- Max. power 22.0hp @ 10,250rpm (unrestricted
- 13.0hp @ 9,500rpm (restricted)
- Max. torque 15.0Nm @ 9,750rpm (unrestricted)
- 9.0Nm @ 9,000rpm (restricted)
- Inlet system Reed valve in the crankcase
- Lubrication Fuel/oil mixture 5%
- Ignition Analogue with adjustable advance
- Starting On board electric starter
- Clutch 3-mass centrifugal dry

Air cooled 10cc and complete with:
•Ignition with H.T. coil
•Reinforced wiring loom with pushbuttons
•Lateral cockpit for pushbuttons
•NGK BR10EG spark plug with resistive cap
•Centrifugal clutch assembly with z11 interchangeable sprocket
•TILLOTSON HL-398A Ø23mm carburettor (expressly designed for this engine)
•Exhaust manifold (inc. exhaust manifold restrictor)
•One-piece exhaust muffler, with integrated silencer
•Inlet silencer (Airbox with filter)
Engine weight complete with accessories: 22kg approx.

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