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Racing 15W-50 5Ltr

High performance, Full Synthetic engine oils are a range of engine oils that provide the ultimate protection in on road and competition applications. All products are made from man-made PAO (Group IV) and Esters (Group V) and contain full zinc levels.

Key Features & Benefits:
- FULL ZINC to minimise engine wear
- Made from Premium additive, Group 4 "PAO" & Group 5 "Ester" base oils
- Contains no VI Improvers (Shear Free) to guarantee no oil viscosity loss
- Recommended for naturally aspirated, supercharged and turbocharged engines. Compatible with avgas, methanol and nitro as well as “conventional” fuel
- For Road & Competition use including cars, motorcycles & marine
- Used by race engine builders and on race tracks throughout the world
- Replaces the SIN Range.

Suitable for F500 Engines

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